Procedure for recruitment

  1. The recruitment is done by publishing an add on Portal Morski (Maritime Website) or choosing an application of a candidate from internal database.
  2. Selection of a candidate is done accordingly to directives set by the shipowner (that is among others: type of vessel, its flag, type of work, special needs characteristic to the offer).
  3. Contact with selected candidate in case of a positive assessment by the Chief Crew Consultant, to confirm the conditions of the employment and get consent to participate in the subsequent stages of the recruitment process.
  4. Verification of knowledge of a foreign language (on shipowner or manager’s request).
  5. Completing all required documents – consistent with STCW - necessary to engage a candidate on the job.
  6. Candidates, who meet the requirements set by the shipowner, are introduced to shipowner or the manager as soon as possible via e-mail.
  7. Candidate chosen by the shipowner is informed of further details regarding the employment.
  8. Keeping constant contact with the selected candidate and informing him about the progress of the process.
  9. The employment contract is signed in our headquarters or in accordance to shipowners instructions.
  10. Any other documents required by the shipowner can be signed in our headquarters (drug & alcohol clause, etc).
  11. Arranging safe transportation from the place of residence to the place of work indicated by the shipowner or a manager.
This procedure is designed to efficiently conduct the recruitment process in the best interest of both – the candidate and the shipowner. The guidelines contained in the admissions procedure are recommended with every recruitment process, however also should be adjusted to shipowner’s individual needs. Points with no practical use for the recruitment process can be omitted. Additional process can be included at the request of the shipowner or manager.